My thoughts on Twilight

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        Twilight is arguably of the Marmite genre. I had previously seen the first and second film in the Twilight saga and my opinion wasn’t so much on the love side. My reaction to studying this was initially one of minor disappointment as at first glance it seemed like little more to me than yet another teen flick. The thing that put me off was that although I am a fan of satirical film and abstract film I feel that some traditions should be kept the same and one of the untouchables for me is vampirism. When I was watching the film I tried to remain open-minded on the almost Disney take of an ancient genre. Part of me was pleasantly surprised in some ways.
     The film gave me some of the elements of films that I habitually like. The dark lighting and sound was brilliant and particularly near the end of the film the plot did admittedly draw me in. The darker the better for me but understandably it is primarily targeted at a younger audience. I did not feel I was necessarily the target audience of this film but I can understand how the dark element has led to a cult in young culture.
I respect Twilight’s take on love, in that sex is not important between the young lovers. It is not naïve but deals with it in an inspiring way appropriately for its young audience and I thought that although it had a slightly propaganda feel at times it worked well. The way in which the relationship was scripted elsewhere to me was shocking. Love is difficult to describe , yes.  However every single cheesy line possible was in this film and it just didn’t feel real to me. The thing that concerns me is what kind of expectations Twilight gives to young people that are unachievable and fantastical. What good is a distorted view of love going to do for our future generations?

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