Hidetake Takayama

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I was flicking through Vimeo looking for inspiration when I came across a music video based on the Japanese novel, “Night on the Galactic Railroad” by Kenji Miyazawa. I was so touched by the use of dramatic shots and emotive music I just had to share it. It really helped me to think about the use of metaphorical visuals and how they can be used to capture emotion. The music Express feat. Silla ( múm ) I feel works absolutely perfectly.

Hidetake Takayama

HIDETAKE TAKAYAMA 「Express feat. Silla (múm) 」 Music Video from kohta0130 on Vimeo.

Director : Kohta Morie
Cg animation : Kohta Morie / Cotalo Azuma
Cg modeling : Junichi Akimoto / Takashi Nakagawa / Hayato Kanayama / Hiroyuki Ito / Kazuki Matoba / Hironari Okada / Masato Tajima / Ami Nakai
cg effects : Junichi Akimoto / Toyokazu Hirai
Composite : Takahiro Shibano / Hiroyuki Ito / Masato Tajima
R&d : Hiroyuki Ito
Matte painting : Hayato Kanayama
Assistant director : Hiroyuki Ito / Yosuke Ohno
Produced by Transistor Studio


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