Hit/Miss (Hopefully the first)

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Our task was simple: to collaborate ideas with peers to create a short film of any genre. The only twist being that we were to endorse both Pizza Hut and The Liberal Democrats. Our aim was to exhibit these products briefly in a way which did not affect the narrative or any charactarisation.

As a group we discussed the concept of how the smallest of decisions and mistakes can have massive consequences. The idea of having a split screen to demonstrate and juxtapose fate was finalised in our first meeting together and we went on to do individual research. We became inspired by feature films such as Sliding doors and began to construct ideas as to how we could carry on these ideas in our own style and in such a way that would be appropriate for a short film. As the writer it was my job to combine peoples ideas together into a solid format ready for a straight-forward shooting.

To make a statement we chose an archetypal young business man as our protagonist ; The type of character that rarely changes his daily routine but perhaps wanted something different. The setting of basic accommodation and the use of smart costuming would have contributed to this. However despite a casting call we were unable to find an actor suitable for this role and had to make some adjustments to the script and storyboard. Using an actor from our own crew our protagonist soon became a hipster with a seemingly busy party life. The changes in colour for costume however added to the feel of the final product and created a more bubbly impact which I felt worked well.

The greatest risk in production was the capturing of a realistic car accident for the climax of the film. As an integral part of the film we wanted to create an impact but we had to take very careful consideration about the welfare of our cast , crew and the public.  We worked as a team to direct the different components to the right timing so that nobody would get hurt and everybody knew there cue. This soon became one of the reasons why we opted for a silent film as the communication between cast and crew was very important. In order to achieve the phone dropping scene without any damage we caught the phone in a blanket just out of shot which seemed to work surprisingly well.

We slipped our product endorsement in subtly in the form of a Pizza Hut Box that our protagonist throws in the bin on his way out and a small Liberal Democrats sticker in the corner of his noticeboards. After initial ideas such as our protagonist being a Lib-Dem campaigner we felt this would impact our original brief too much and so we chose a very short shot for this so that it was clear but hopefully only subconsciously effective.

Filmed on a Sony-z5 we wanted our footage to be crisp but personal to establish the identity of our protagonist in an almost it-could-be-you way and the distance between our actor and the camera to give a voyeuristic feel with a greater focus on the action leaving the emotion to be decided by the audience.

If I was to do this project again I would have perhaps added another screen to show what could have happened if our protagonist was somehow in the car but I felt the simplicity of the plot was important in making an impact. Overall I was very happy with the final outcome. Enjoy.

HIT/MISS from auxeh on Vimeo.


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