Character profile – Cabinet of curiosities

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 Name: Taylor Green

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: White British

Location: Hertfordshire, Potters Bar (England)

Family: Mother and Father (Religious, quite strict, straightforward) Young brother – 11 (telltale, annoys his sister usually)

Relationships: Single. Has a close friend called ‘Paige’

Success’s: Passed her GCSE’s, Girl Guide – done her leadership qualifications.

Talents: Cooking, contemporary dance, plays the guitar, reading, music, watching films.

Failures: Sports, failed her driving test (3rd Attempt)

Highs: Brother’s birth, Nicki Minaj re-tweeted (maybe), she’s done well as a girl guide.

Social Background: Pushy parents, peer pressure.

At what point do we meet her: At a troubled time, where she is still trying to figure out herself and who are real friends are.


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