The man inside- Script

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“As the emergency bell rang and rang, he began to fear that it might somehow,electricity? friction? heat?,start a fire. Recently, there had been a small fire in the building, rendering the elevators unusable. The Business Week staff had walked down forty-three stories. He also began hearing unlikely oscillations in the ringing: aural hallucinations. Before long, he began to contemplate death.”

Being trapped is the cheese of nightmares for many.  Being buried alive or left deserted , what is it that actually creates the fear associated with entrapment? Is it the fear of abandonment or suffocation perhaps? Or is it merely loneliness that does weird things with our minds? That is what I wanted to know to get deep into the mindsets of our protagonists Brian and Isobel.

A real life case study, Nicholas white an office worker was using a lift to go out for a cigarette break but became trapped for a painstaking 41 hours. He didn’t just panic his mind seemingly began to freestyle without him. He fidgets, sits down , then lies , before curling up like a hedgehog. As the hours go into double figures he tries to occupy his mind rummaging through his wallet monotonously and even maybe plotting an escape route.

Being trapped inside seems to make people think. So is it worse to be trapped alone or being in the company of somebody that you do not particularly want to talk to? I chose an ex husband and wife to be trapped together in this situation as it means they have to talk. And open up their thoughts to each other and not just to us the audience thus really pulling out the cracks in their relationship past and present.

Using my treatment, outline and this research I have put together my first draft of short film ‘The man inside’.

The man inside


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