A keen interest in gothic culture.

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When you think of Gothic culture a lot of people ultimately think of teens. A phase even. An establishing shot in a rowdy alternative club erupts onto screen having no mercy on its audience in its heavy grumble of screaming and anarchy. In the centre a young woman sits on another mans shoulders worshipping the stage. Her rainbow coloured hair hiding her face. A teenager? The audience assumes as we see shots of plentiful young people around the room.. Bright colours dart across the screen as the music becomes more intense and its crowd more passionately absorbed in the moment. Close up shots show the obscure detailing of an alternative club. Women with wildly coloured hair and men with quirky make up and platform boots sway and express themselves to the electro music. As one raver is about to jump, arms reaching up in the air the footage is slowed down exposing every twinge of passion on faces almost in sync together. They land suddenly with a thud as the pace goes back to normal.

The audience finds themselves in a large kitchen. Apart from the amplified homely noise of a boiling kettle in the distance it is suddenly relatively quiet. At the table sits greta drinking a cup of tea with a pile of paperwork in front of her. Most noticeably dressed in her normal gothic attire and wavy pink hair she smiles towards the camera. Miss Keen, from Birmingham is no ordinary college tutor. By day she wakes up early and stands in front of a board teaching Media to students and by night she sure knows how to party probably even more than some of the students she teaches and has many interesting stories from her travels worldwide. Maybe age is just a number.


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