Heroic Brum shop workers tackle armed robber – and sit on him until police arrive

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I have been sifting through so many American articles about gun crime and the recent Pro/Anti gun debate that when I came across this article in my newspaper yesterday I really just had to blog it. Just literally up the road from my house an armed man came into a corner shop. Not in any busy city centre or near anywhere where gang crime is ripe but in a sleepy city away from the centre of Birmingham.

Whilst we like to think about the shocking nature of gun crime in America and how easy it is for anybody to obtain a gun it is so easy to not realise this is a matter much closer to our hearts then we realise. Although over 300 million people in the USA own a gun all is obviously not so perfect in the UK either when somebody can obtain a killing machine to rob a few bits and bobs from a corner shop. The worst bit? Or perhaps the most worrying thing is that this article is not front page news. Nope not even second but a few words in the corner in the middle. What else are we being hidden from.

In my poetic eyes piece I am consequently going to obtain footage internationally rather than just the states as gun possession although not as common as in America does most definitely exist in Britain. It is just a relief that on this occasion nobody was shot.



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