If money were no object….

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We were asked to think about our ambitions as if per say we were all to awaken one day where money was insignificant. I thought It was always obvious to me but in that lecture and I sat and properly thought about what I would deem as my own ‘success in life’. Without money I would be able to create an art form that would make me happy. I believe that what would make me happy is to make a mass of very happy people. I know this is difficult but I do not wish to take any short cuts, I would not find satisfaction from creating anything that has already been done just because it was successful. I would find a considerably greater fulfilment if in my job I could experiment with no risk of loss to create media products that were unique and eye catching, I would not necessarily be disappointed if only a few people enjoyed my product as this way as it would be something entirely true to myself and perhaps one day I might actually be able to influence and inspire my audiences. I want to make children’s television and I have realised I do not like the artistic direction it is now taking.

If money was not an obstacle I would produce original media for children and significantly improve the quality of children’s television today allowing them to learn whilst having fun. I would also produce memorable films for the whole family with my own unique gothic twist.  Although money currently is an obstacle I have begun to take serious consideration into ways I can work around this in order to achieve my dreams.

I have always been fascinated my children’s television and how it allows children to explore from the lazy comfort of their beanbags and now cots even with channels such as Disney House Jr and Cbeebies available at pretty much all hours of the day.  Although children’s programming can most definitely be a tool of subtly educating children without them even noticing plenty of children’s television now is sadly emerging to the role of babysitter. I do not wish to produce things that just entertain or just educate put I want to create works of art somewhere perfectly in the middle where kids actually love to learn.

When I was younger I never realised how odd some of the programmes I used to obsess over were….

Now I just know there weird but obsess over them anyway. So little dialogue but so genius this programme written by Stan Cullimore (yes it actually has a writer!) reaches out to children through repetition and uses noises that very young children can easily imitate- if not a little annoying for their parents the development of phonetic speech is hugely important in pre-school children and a major step. Having a programme children actually enjoy to help do the job is therefore hugely beneficial.

Another series that comes to mind when I think of the things I would like to produce is the Horrible Histories series, I’m not even ashamed that I still watch it its brilliant and as an epic excuse for me genuinely highly educational. It uses animation, comedy sketches and songs that wont ever leave your head whatever you do to teach children about history, warts included. Now I always used to take a nap in history at school but I have learnt a lot more and enjoyed history significantly more because of this series.

HH became the first ever children’s Tv programme to be awarded the Best Sketch Show category at the 2010 The British Comedy Awards and again in 2011. I believe that children’s television is so important that there is no reason why it should not be in the same league as other television. It is essentially something that they will inevitably be bombarded with throughout the most important years of there development.

It is not much wonder parents have gone to new lengths to put decent things in front of their children. Horrid Henry for example is something I feel is completely reflective of its title in viewing. I have thought about how thin the line is to preaching to children and entertaining them. Horrid Henry seems to be entirely counterproductive and not surprisingly popular. If anyone can thing of any prosocial messages they can see please let me know. I don’t see much more than a message that it is funny to misbehave.

Back to how I can make my own mark in this industry british parents Jezz Wright, 44, and Julianne Martin, 35, were so fed up children’s TV shows ‘numbing’ their kids’ brains, that they took matters into their own hands – creating a series of animated films based on two characters called Jack and Holly. Following this research I feel in order to create innovative viewing for children’s television the most important factor is to entertain enough to keep kids clued and to educate enough to make parents smile. That is the approach I will now commence to take as I write more scripts.

Here is Jack and holly’s christmas countdown the first in the ‘healthier’ children’s television series.


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