Poetic eyes reflection

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Old enough to grip from Katie-Marie Lynch on Vimeo.

Considering the intense researching that I put into this project there are both bits I feel paid off well and other bits I wish I did differently.

In terms of the poem itself I kept it short and simplistic intentionally to portray the innocence and naivety of a child. I wanted to focus on the element of innocence in amongst gun crime to emphasise how the glamourisation of gun posession particularly in America can corrupt the unknowing and I feel this message came across well. Peer feedback revealed that people thought this message was well expressed.

I am happy with the variety of footage that I chose as it mixed light hearted fun such as the ideologically perfect model holding a gun with the horrific gun shootings in columbine. I feel these worked well together and expressed a good variety of sources in a relatively thought provoking way.

The timing and pacing of the edit was very important to me to express the emotion I wanted its audience to have and to make them think. I tried to edit the pace to mimic the emotions although I don’t think this was always overly effective or parallel with the music as at times the edit lines were a bit too obvious. I do feel however it was at least fluid in parts and on reflection my editing skills are definitely improving because of this.

The biggest weakness of this film was the sound quality. If I was to do this task again I would have done it much earlier before the deadline as sickness meant I was unable to book out an edirol recorder. Recording my voice off my mac just didn’t have sufficient sound quality and this was bought up in peer feedback. As the recording of both the soundtrack and my poem was so poor quality it meant amplifying it and playing with the levels was not very successful. Throughout most of the piece it was difficult to hear the poem which is a shame because I felt it would have added an emotive atmosphere to the visuals. After presenting my video this was the biggest flaw which was mentioned.

Personally I felt the strengths of my piece were originality and visuals. Although a few of my clips were also used in poetic eye pieces with thematic differences I feel I took a different approach. If I put more time into the sound levels I could say I was happy with what I achieved.


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