P2P completion and edit process

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Having finished producing ‘Struggle with life’ I feel that we have bought our subject Surendrakumar Bhagat and his life in an interesting but truthful way through editing in particular but also in the entirity of the project.

We stayed true to our research and kept this as an important motif throughout every stage of production.


Having completed the first draft edit of the film we all came together and pointed out what was important to keep the realism of the film to life. Following feedback we agreed that the original title ‘Struggle with life and race against time’ was unnessarily showy and ambigious which is not what we wanted our documentary to be about. To keep with this simplistic theme we also agreed on taking out scenes which were look literal as on reflection it just seemed to be a time waster rather than adding anything to the story (which we all felt was interesting without any fancy effects distracting from this).

Creating a narrative
Creating a narrative

To draw an audience in as little as 3 minutes was an interesting challenge and this taught me alot about the importance of the line between the truth and what engages an audience and the line between too much of nothingness and too much bombardment and this is a usual skill I can now carry on into other areas of my practicing career.

Positive feedback
Positive feedback

I am very proud of how well we all came together as a team to create something that I feel had originality.


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