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After years of yo-yo-ing contemplation I’ve lately started to think seriously about what direction of the media industry interests me most and what I may stand a chance in being successful in. In terms of what I enjoy the most I have often been told that I have a creative streak within my writing style and fortunately I am a big fan of the art of joining words together. I love the power of words and the thoughts and images that they can provoke so for my first year I chose to do Creative writing as an additional Add+Vantage module.

For this creative writing course we were encouraged to set up a blog to share ideas within our own small writing groups but having nearly finished the course and sincerely enjoyed the feeling that came with sharing my work we decided to open up our blog to the public . Wordthingys has now become a place where I regularly jot down story ideas , poems and even have the occasional debates with a few friends in the hope of  getting feedback. Although my ideas on there are not all directly relevant to or inspired by the media, practicing my writing skills has really helped give me an insight into the possibility of becoming a writer for the screen. Writing for the Man inside , the 72 hour project and now a live tv studio project has made me realise the type of qualities I need to work on to achieve my goal. Whether that be for television of film I’m sure I will come to a decision sooner or later but for now I can at least start to see the kind of writer I am evolving into.

Check out my blog if your interested and get involved you don’t even need a wordpress account to subscribe so its really easy. Let me know what you think.



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