That beautiful organised chaos of Live TV

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So we were let loose in the TV studio and given a general opportunity to try out different job roles and to get used to equipment. The amount of equipment we had everywhere somewhat surprised me and for a relatively short live TV show it challenged my expectations.  I’m not sure what I expected really as my experience in filming in a studio can only be whittled down to once standing in front of a blue screen in my blue school jumper and finding the results hilarious but in addition to the three bulky studio cameras etc already in the studio we also had the following equipment booked out:

4 x Canford Beltpack collection– This collection of equipment turned out to be really important for communication between the studio and the gallery. From a great more deal of experience since the blue screen incident it didn’t take me long to realise how important teamwork is and I’ve started to feel the ease of communication between different people will be what makes or breaks our final show. Setting up the talkback system and daisy-chaining it correctly between the floor manager and the camera men (and women it’s not the 60’s) is really quite important for this to happen smoothly.

4 x Canford Headset collection – This links into the talkback (Above) so that not only can the floor manager communicate with the gallery but they can do it quietly focusing only on the sounds relevant to them. After watching other similar projects we saw how easy it was for this communication to be heard in the final recording so it made me think about how things such as hand gestures and cue cards could be used if I did decide to be floor manager.

Starting young
Starting young

1 Rode Blimp collection – The Rode Blimp is a windshield and shock mounting accessory for the NTG3 microphone we will be using and this will help improve the quality of sound recorded.

1 Rode NTG3 Rifle Mic – The microphone we are using has features that avoids annoying noises and the blimp will help . Loads of things in a studio can cause interference such as radio antennas, WIFI networks, internet devices, power lines so this is really important for an audible show. The microphone is also built to withstand the rigors of adverse weather conditions but hopefully this won’t be relevant.

1 x Desktop Microphone Stand- Turns out this is pretty much self-explanatory this helps stop the sound mans arms aching and will help us  collect sound from a wide range of the studio. We talked a lot about the importance of health and safety so the sound team will have to be cautious as to where they cables are placed to lessen the chances of people tripping up or even worse damaging expensive studio equipment.

6 x XLR Cables These are needed to connect the mics and talkbacks etc with the male end going into the female end (You get the basic gist from biology really). We were also advised to bring a couple of spare cables in case of equipment failures. Imagine if one of the cables failed on a major live show like the X factor it would literally cause chaos without a back-up *shudders* so yes precautions for everything sound like a good plan.

2/3 Radio Mics This will be wholly dependant on how many presenters we decide to have and whether we will attach Mics to them or rather just stick to using the desktop Mic to record sound. Oh yeah each of those packs will also require 4 batteries. It’s the little details that count.

So that’s most the equipment covered and its somewhat blown my mind. Now I’ve got to grips with the basics of the equipment – Ba Dum Tsh! I’m really looking forward to exploring the different job roles next week. I’m really surprised with how much goes into creating a live televised show so I think it will be a really interesting and insightful experience.


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