ONE! Do do do doo…. (The one show, research)

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Matt Baker and Alex Jones are joined by comedian Ricky Gervais.
Matt Baker and Alex Jones are joined by comedian Ricky Gervais on recent episode of The one show.

I shall put my hands up now and admit that before this research I had only ever watched the opening titles to The one show , sang along to the famously catchy theme tune and proceeded to switch over. I am guilty, this is a big lifestyle change for me.

Hosted by Alex Jones, Matt Baker and Chris Evans, and aided by a team of top reporters, The One Show is a live magazine programme featuring topical stories and big name studio guests.

I undertook this research a while back in March on an older episode starring in which Chris Evans and Alex Jones were joined by Henry ‘The Fonz’ Winkler with an exclusive the Scottish cast of Happy Days – The Musical.  So what is behind the annoyingly catchy tune?

The camera pulls in to the hosts, the spark of the show they sit there all smiley and welcome us into their living room. Evans is Mr cool with his gel-soaked hedgehog hair and geeky glasses cuddled up suspiciously close to beautiful Alex Jones, the little something for the boys both smiling with her eyes as they set the bubbly tone of the show.

They tell us why we should stay tuned with interviews and plenty of ways to get involved, audience participation seems to be key to the shows appeal. The one show is the one place to be. That is not there catchphrase yet but it should be. Remember where you saw that BBC. The image of the show is straight away portrayed as colourful and loud. The well-known Chris Evans cheeky persona is parallel to the set behind him and in the set quite obviously built up to resemble a living room, the two kick back with Evans particularly leading the way in inviting the viewer to do the same. The artificial lighting is funky and the set has a huge window looking out into the city. I wonder if its real? This has huge and pretty overt connotations to youthfulness and being out there , literally.

In this episode their were plentiful opportunities for the audience to get involved and get amongst the action. The producers allowed them to engage physically through phone ins and to have there say through social networking but there was also opportunities for the viewer to feel involved emotionally through personal relationships with the guest with heavy emotional discussions with real photographic visuals and all. Introduced with a short film clip of Happy Days – 1975 Henry Winkler spoke openly about his dyslexia and his intention to spreading the message. It showed a different side to the famous actor and I wrote this down that it was a good way of expressing spontaneity .

What is Cool?…was the next topic within the episode. Using street vox pops and supposedly spontaneous interviews the Joe Bloggs of the public were asked about their fashion decisions in relation to being ‘Cool’. Popular fashion was discussed and the icons related to it predominantly young. This was one of the many ways the show seems to try to appeal to the young of course only a cool TV show could discuss what is cool right? ‘Cool-ness” itself is something associated with the young. Audience participation came into play again where we were asked to send in our ‘Cool or Fool’ photos. The show like many other magazine shows created a persona in which it would be nothing without its audience. It’s not strictly true but producers can be convincing.

Aren't we a 'cool' programme?
Aren’t we a ‘cool’ programme?

The show came to a cheerful end with a live performance from the cast of ‘Happy Days’ – The Musical. Leaving the best till last and the audience wanting more, the credits roll.


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