April 18th- Whilst the cats are away

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Having just come back from our easter holiday break we had relied heavily on social networking to share our ideas and progress within our individual roles so it was a relief to be back together in a functional team again. Nobody was strictly perfect in their role yet but everyone’s attitude in the team was contaguously positive and at this stage it seems to be helping the ethos of the team and the way we have been getting things done. Today was more about finding confidence in our own individual roles than the final project but nonetheless in terms of teamwork I felt I still learnt a lot.

It being our first session without the level 3 mentors I was slightly worried about my ability to man the autocue but in time I found my confidence to work independently. At this point I am very glad I chose a relatively independent role as I feel this allows me to go more into my element. Before the show again I made a few slight alterations to the script and went through it with the producer. Constantly having to alter and review my work is an experience which will no doubt fare me well in my professional career and is allowing me to expect a much higher quality of my own work. Other than aliasing with the cast and crew before the show the script very rarely gets edited live which means most of my creativeness in my role is under less pressure which I enjoy immensely.

The Newly edited script is still as daft as ever for now but the timing seems to be clearer which I am happier with and confirming the Running Order with the producer and PA was very satisfying and educational.

I knew I wanted to be the writer from quite early on but I didn’t realise how important the autocue was until it started going backwards during a live show. Mastering the timing of the cue and altering it for the way each presenter speaks naturally turned out to be harder than expected. Although I have remembered the settings for the autocue to be mirrored the right way and the right speed for me personally at least I hope I can control the autocue more successfully in the next run through for the sake of the whole show.

Brainstorming (not very pc sorry)
Brainstorming (not very pc sorry)

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