April 21st- Various shanaligans

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Last night I wrote up a basis for questions that our presenters Laura and David could use as a prompt in a ‘public interview VT’ . The initial idea was to hold up several items of clothing related to recycled fashion and vox pox members of the public on their thoughts.

Would you wear these?
Would you wear these?

558153_10200233177764589_75283028_n 551319_10200233184964769_2002819419_n

I chose the pictures and wrote up the  public interviews with instructions to only use it as guideline otherwise it wouldn’t be very spontaneous. Deep down I wasn’t very sure how spontaneous our theme of recycled fashion was but it was voted in by the majority so I didn’t say anything. A major lesson was most definitely learnt their however.

After a lecturer told us she didn’t believe the idea was very spontaneous and we had to start pretty much from scratch I did immediately have a whole lot more faith in my role as writer and things suddenly got more fun. Guy Huston, David Sanni, Laura Chambler and Nick Leek, went into Coventry City Centre and filmed the 2 minute VT for the show but without using my questions and I was strangely very happy. Instead they threw unexpected questions at confused members of the public and this I felt, fitted in much better with the theme we have been given.

The filming went reasonably well until the crew and presenters were stopped by a member of the council for filming in Coventry city centre! Despite everything being above-board filming just had to stop. Another lesson learnt though I guess. Filming will have to be done another time if we can find time.

Following a quick meeting we decided that the fashion aspect of the show should only be a minority of it and the rest of it as spontaneous as possible. It didn’t take long for my mind to go wild and I’m really excited for how we make the show a lot more fun. As the writer I have been thinking a lot about the difference between spontaneity and just bizarre-ness and I think the key in terms of our live show will be timing. It would be quite easy to make our show weird but it would be the catching the audience of guard that would be spontaneous. So we came up with the idea of the presenters changing costume when the camera cut away and acting as if nothing happened.  Thinking of ideas to make it even more spontaneous is suddenly a lot more fun.

Although it’s still fashion themed I chose this VT:

well a fashion show where all the clothes are made out of toilet roll is pretty unexpected!

In other exciting news we seemed to have one of the last VT’s organised after a Skype interview was organised between James Pontin our PA and Shelby walsh from Trendhunters. Finally check out our set design.Isn’t it beautiful? I think the set is really natural and will reflect my script ideas well in the final product.

Skype interview with trend hunters?
Skype interview with trend hunters?




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