March 20th- Important decisions regarding responsibilities.

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Today we had a group meeting where we could all battle it out and confirm our job roles. I woke up that morning and really wanted to be a script writer. Having not long written ‘The man inside’ and really enjoyed the creative outlet I thought it would be a good experience to improve this skill further. Especially with the theme spontaneity and my ambition to work in children’s entertainment I was desperate but knew I would have to fight it out. How wrong I was I got the job and I’m really happy.

I’ve started to have a look into the differences between writing for film and writing for live tv and I’m interested to see how I will cope. I know being responsible for the image and style of the show through the choice of my wording will be a demanding role but one I am ready to embrace.

I’ve found it actually quite difficult to research my role in terms of the live aspect but I have looked into the work of other craftsmen such as Ben Ward, writer of my childhood favourite shows SMTV live,  live and kicking as well as Big breakfast. His crazy and spontaneous style is one I am definitely inspired by and will follow closely throughout my role.

Following this meeting we also had another session in the studio which was slightly nerve-wracking now having an official role. I’d only been script writer for a few minutes so unfortunately we did not have a script for me to run on the autocue. It was useful to still play around with the settings but I felt like I could be doing more so that night I came home and sketched up a random script for everybody to practice off.

A very basic and strange Script.


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