March 25th – First skills session with a script

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In our last studio session before breaking up for easter I got to test my autocue skills properly and see how my script worked in action. Attendance of all members of our group was pretty good which meant things could flow reasonably well. On a personal level this was really beneficial for me to see the task I had taken on and how much I had to learn.

Having a script this time made a massive difference to everybody’s ability to do their role to the best of their ability. Importantly it meant we could practice working to the timings set out beforehand so the floor manager , director and well everybody knew how long a VT or an interview was for example.

Today wasn’t without hiccups but that was to be expected so few practices into the project. My script seemed to go down well in terms of the right amount of lines to be read feasibly by the producers but when working out the timings with the producer beforehand things got quite complicated and this transpired through to the practice itself. I learnt from my mistakes though and have started to make my script as clear as possible for everybody. This became a great chance for teamwork aswell and it was a unique opportunity to work so closely with the director and floor manager to make my script come to life.

In our last take we were relatively successful and the majority of the cast and crew were focused. I’ve got a lot to learn but I’m feeling gradually more positive about my ability in this project.

Reviewing my work in a VT break
Reviewing my work in a VT break

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