May 1st – Thinking about the set

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Today we came around to finally discussing the set design and what we would use to put across this idea of spontaneity. We discussed ways of cutting costs such as sticking various types of free samples of wallpapers onto the boards as well as some random photo frames. For the first time I really started to think about the difference between what looks good to me normally such as backgrounds that are busy and what looks good on camera i.e backgrounds that are not too busy and distracting!


The skype interview took place in the studio and from what I could see through the gallery window went very well. The VT for that still needs to be edited and the VT where the council got angry still needs to be finished off and re shot tomorrow . On a bright note though the studio session ran very well despite a few set backs. The settings on the sound equipment had been played around with and nobody really knew how to fix it, in the end this had be left a bit dodgy to focus on other things within the show which was a bit gutting. At least the autocue scrolled entirely in the right direction today. Yay!



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