May 3rd – Spontaneous health combustion

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Annoyingly I was ill for the first part of the session with my lovely suspected grumbling appendix diagnosed a few days earlier I initially didn’t think I would make it to uni. Luckily Codeine is a beautiful thing and I’d thought I would surprise everybody by turning up to do my job albeit late. I’m really glad I did come in because it turned out there were a good few people also absent and swapping roles so close to our final recording just isn’t ideal.

My team has been really supportive through my sickness and I learnt a lot about having the right attitude and how much that matters to create something as complex as a live television show and for it to work well. Everybody present seemed extra focused today and it was genuinely admirable to see everything coming together and the presenters reading off the lines written by myself so naturally. I think I finally mastered the timing of the autocue to match both the presenters natural speech and Laura agreed after that I’d definitely got the knack of it.We all put a fiver in and to finish off the day I went on a little trip. Even though it was just a quick trip to Ikea with Daisy, James and Nick I learnt about budgeting, what colours works well on-screen (being colour-blind its mega useful to be told these things trust me!) and again we had a catch up about the strengths and weaknesses of our live show.


      *It is a fortunate thing that I happened to learn so much in this session as it turned out to be the last time I would set foot in the gallery for 161mc . Too soon after I managed to collapse at the train station and found myself laying in a hospital bed and wondering about how much I would be able to commit from then on. Gutting.

It might not be the conventional things I expected to learn from this project but having had lots of time to do nothing but think I have definitely learnt more than I expected to even in normal circumstances. These things happen, had it have been an ITV or another professional show the importance of a back up plan is so important.

Choosing to be the writer probably helped the team to make readjustments to job roles as the script was pretty much final but I have to say the way that everybody came together was very impressive from the updates I was receiving from the producer. It was hard having helped only half way through but even in the ambulance I was texting instructions on how to man the autocue and the various names of files on the computer and in that respect I felt lucky that I could still have some involvement. In itself I guess I had a very different experience to everybody else in that I could contribute to ideas without actually being there. In large-scale shows this is actually quite close to real life industry as most writers wouldn’t even get the chance to be in the gallery live, it was only because of my role on autocue that I got that opportunity. I have been thinking seriously for a long while about being a writer but this lack of involvement when things got exciting in this project has at least given me a unique chance to think about the way things would really be and what jobs I could do too or instead to get this input.

Obviously I couldn’t help my stay in hospital but in the least cheesiest way possible I am sure it will make me more grateful for opportunities that arise and more determined to give my absolute best. No matter how much you plan it is impossible to say what might happen so from now on as soon as I can return to practicing media I’m really going to go for it.





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