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Through the undertaking of 161MC I have learnt many valuable skills and lessons which will undoubtedly help me on a higher professional level. Previous to these studies I had only thought minutely about the importance of my own personal branding, although I had several websites with glimpses of my developing profile upon them looking back I have learnt a considerable amount about by own personal media practitioner style and the image I am beginning to portray consistently to potential audiences. The realisation that the impact that social media can have means I will no longer be taking transmedia opportunities for granted.

In terms of what I have learnt about broadcasting there are things I think I did well but others aspects I wish I could try again.  Initially I had my doubts about my ability to perform well in a live environment but I took it on as much as I could and I’m glad I pushed my involvement and made sure I had a fair input into the show. I surprised myself by being given the role of Script writer and director for the TV Broadcast, I wanted a highly creative job like this but I didn’t want to let my team down with it being such a large responsibility to willingly take on. I thought the autocue part of my role would be a considerably easy job but I soon realised I had underestimated the importance of it.

Being in control of the pace the presenters spoke at was actually quite a stressful job and required a great deal of focus to keep going at a suitable pace for the whole show. Without practice I was far from in control of the computer with the screen scrolling backwards and with glitches I just didn’t know how to fix in the middle of live practices, I realised although a little role every little role in a studio is an important link in the chain to produce a successful show. Through practice sessions and working closely with the presenters I feel I mastered a useful skill to a level I didn’t expect I would even if I could not use it on the day. Having to give my role to someone so close to the live show at least taught me the importance of clear communication, I had to pass on information on about the autocue speed , mirror settings , the natural speed of the presenters and how and where the appropriate script files could be imported without actually being there to demonstrate it.

Although an educational experience to grasp a technical skill I felt my role as script writer was of greater beneficial use. Through writing the live script and essentially establishing the style and relationship between the presenters I felt I was still a vital part to the scaffolding of the show throughout practices and more importantly the live show even when I couldn’t be there due to ill-health. Establishing the difference between writing for pre recorded and live tv was a challenge for me at times but I learnt a lot about making things seems more natural by getting to know the presenters style they were adapting and through simple trial and error.

The greatest positive I have gained from this module is finding myself comfortable working to schedule and demand in a highly stressful only one shot live television environment. The first time I stepped foot in the studio I doubted that I would ever stop feeling so nervous about working in such a big team on such a complex project but through practice and support I really do feel like I achieved status as competent member of the gallery team. Throughout this module I have  picked up on the importance of communication in teamwork. The relationship between the floor manager and director where they both gave clear and concise instructions between the gallery and studio has really inspired me about just how important it is in this industry to just get to the point to get things done on time.

I am mostly pleased with the progress I have made throughout this module and I honestly feel many of the skills and experiences I have gained will serve me throughout my future. Although some people within the group didn’t commit as much as they could have the way we worked together as a team when everybody focused on their role was a thought-provoking insight into what can be achieved through sheer determination. Having to take time off when it was so important to be there was hard but it has made me more determined to make the most of the time that I can spend on my work and it forced me to get organised which strangely turned out to be an advantage.

Although I wasn’t there on the day I was happy with the final show submitted and although a bit too disorganised at times I thought we all pulled off the spontaneity element to a good level that was at times actually professional. The experience of being in the centre of the script building was beneficial to see how ideas in general come together well . Learning to brand myself is one of the most useful things that I have learnt in terms of pushing myself out there into the industry and how important it is to create a positive image . Overall I now feel like I much more conscientious media practitioner in the way that I work and the way that this appears to others.

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