I got the Power! Role of writer/Autocue

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My duties within my role were considerably more than I realised. As mentioned before I initially though that being the writer for whole live show would be much more challenging than my role on the autocue. However that really isn’t the case.

The role of the writer has been a very rewarding experience for me. Without live pressures to this aspect of  my responsibility it was a great creative outlet and a flexible way for me to put  my own ideas towards the final piece. I worked very closely with the producer who read through my work in terms of feasibility, with the director in terms of ideal camera angles and ways of drawing in the right kind of attention, I also worked with the pa in terms of the timing and how long it would realistically take for the presenters to- well present certain parts of the show so what I could edit in length, the presenters to see how I could adopt the script to make this more natural and the rest of the crew to see if I was on the right track for what everybody else had in mind. Listening was as you can see an important contribution to my role and during meetings I would write notes on things that everybody has suggested even the ideas I didn’t like myself. I soon realised that working together ideas I didn’t especially like myself but were in the interest of the majority was part of my job and through trying things out that people suggested often left me surprised. I feel this is an important skill to learn not only for script writing but any other jobs where you work off a set agenda.

Script notes from today – Script ideas
Free runner
Live bands – Alternative , Unexpected song lyrics
Studio pranks
Spontaneous questions
Special guests – bands?
Flash mob- Ikea
Harlem shake?
Stand up
Foghorn improvisational company http://www.foghornimprov.com/( I can very likely get these if people want me to look into it)
YouTube sensation – interview
Skype them if not in the studio?
Feature – Fashion police – Quirky spontaneous fashion, Recycling clothes – Link to fashion design , Auxe’s friend. How to make it studio-ey? Lorraine Kelly style cat walk cheaper alternative. Vox pox with general public
Flamboyant dressers in town.
Split screening between studio and celeb footage

As I have mentioned before there was also more to my role as autocue or teleprompter then I expected. Even FilmTvAndPro quotes simply that

The autocue operator works the autocue machine which provides presenters with the script they need to read. The Autocue Operator ensure that the script is not going too fast or too slow for the presenter.

This part of my role did not allow for the greatest creative input in the world but it terms of the technicalities of  the show it was important I was on the ball. What I thought would be just scrolling at a continuous speed became a task of really focusing to allow the presenters to talk naturally, emphasise the right things and to speed up or slow down to fit to the schedule. Occasionally I would spot a mistake or something I had to alter live such as competition winners or something there was no longer time for so being the writer also combined well with this role to make sure I didn’t do a Bruce almighty on the script.



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