Creative critical process – Writing for Net TV

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Having taken on the challenge of writing several short films and stories previously I was very happy to be chosen as script writer, partly so that I could see the difference between what I had done before and writing for live television and to see if this was something I would consider career-wise.

Being set the theme of  spontaneity left my brain going crazy with ideas and as a writer I was very excited to have been given the responsibility to piece everything together. I knew however to remain professional I should wait for everybody to have an input before I got carried away with my own ideas, So I waited.  In the first brief meeting lots of ideas were discussed and were flying everywhere. With lots of ideas from completely ends of the spectrum I noted these down before I could start thinking of a way to put them into a script structure.

Free runner
Live bands – Alternative , Unexpected song lyrics
Studio pranks
Spontaneous questions
Special guests – bands?
Flash mob- Ikea
Harlem shake?
Stand up
Foghorn improvisational company I can very likely get these if people want me to look into it)
YouTube sensation – interview
Skype them if not in the studio?
Feature – Fashion police – Quirky spontaneous fashion, Recycling clothes – Link to fashion design , Auxe’s friend. How to make it studio-ey? Lorraine Kelly style cat walk cheaper alternative. Vox pox with general public
Flamboyant dressers in town.
Split screening between studio and celeb footage

For convenience I created a Facebook group just for the people who would be involved in writing the script so that everybody could receive updates, contribute and give feedback if I was on the right track easily.

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 01.13.48

I thought a lot about what spontaneity is and I soon realised it was quite a conflicting topic similar to weird and wacky. I researched spontaneous shows but it was unfortunately predominantly kids shows that I found. It was going to be difficult appealing to the 16-25 audience we had already agreed on.

After plenty of research and input from other members of my group we initially came up with the idea of eco-fashion as a theme for our live show. I knew to pull it off it would have to be something a bit more unexpected and spontaneous to pull off the theme so eccentric clothing made out of various materials became something I incorporated into the script as agreed. By helping to choose the VT’s it was easier for me to script the reactions and build ups around them considering the style we were now going for.

I soon learnt the importance of feedback in the creative critical process as we finally realised through a lecture that our theme of eco fashion just wasn’t that spontaneous. I had my doubts before but I didn’t say anything been as it was voted in for by the majority. This was a valuable experience to now know the importance of this.

Starting from scratch was tricky but nonetheless enlightening. I soon learnt that live shows didn’t entail the same structure and clear-cut you would expect from a film script as the presenters started to become more relaxed in their roles and this gave me greater freedom to create a spontaneous feel.

After each studio session I would see what worked and what didn’t and redo what I had written down in notes. I did about seven redrafts before I was beginning to be happy with it. persistance turned out to be key and I knew people were relying on me to put in the best of my ability.

I wasn’t there to complete the absolutely final draft that was eventually used on the day but albeit a few words and timings seeing my work go from scratchings to live television was a beneficial experience. Teamwork, communication and being able to listen to everybody was something I feel I managed well and potentially something I would like to do again.




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