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This course has made me consider many things in terms of professional development. Namely for one my own professional profile and the importance of this. By creating my own logo on Photoshop and working on improving my appearance on existing sites I am now able to put myself out there as a media practitioner with a certain style in development.


The importance of branding has become hugely important to me and i’ve realised the importance of using social networking and the media which is so accessible to get my work seen my as many people as possible.

Now that I am starting to see myself more as a professional I have set up official Facebook and Twitter pages to distribute my work away from my private life in order to be taken seriously,

Onethousandpictures on twitter
Onethousandpictures on twitter

and also a weebly profile where lots of fans already take an interest in my work.

Weebly presence
Weebly presence

Developing a professional image has inspired me to create a professional repertoire to go with it and to really work on the way I want my work to be viewed by others. My research into transmedia has really helped me think about how I can get this work across differently to many people in interesting and different ways that are appropriate for our growing society. I’ve thought a lot about how the competition of the industry is growing rapidly throughout this year and I believe this knowledge will put me in a better stead to compete.

Having missed time off near the end of the year I feel more determined professionally. This module has made me realise how important it is to be individual and stand out in the crowd of such large competition in the media and I now know it will take a great deal of commitment to get my name known but it is possible.

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