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Transmedia: Storytelling across multiple forms of media, with each element making distinctive contributions to a user’s understanding of the story universe, including where user actions affect the experience of content across multiple platforms (eg reaching a score level in an online game unlocks the next mobile episode). – Screen Australia.

Not too long ago if you asked somebody to define the media the thoughts that would have come to the minds of most would simply be television, radio and newspapers – but we as a population want more and producers are constantly competing to find new interesting ways to give us that and because of this we find ourself with so much vastly growing transmedia at our disposal.

As a learning producer I have begun to start using transmedia to not only distribute my work further but to also give them an edge. With Transmedia it is now possible to give media consumers a completely new experience. For example in my own Wix website I produced I took advantage of this new knowledge.

Drawing people into transmedia is pretty easy at times.
Drawing people into transmedia is pretty easy at times.

An advantage of using transmedia sources within my website, particularly for a magazine show is that it allows audience members to feel more involved (than they probably actually are) and this makes them much more likely to tune in and keep watching. By creating a community essence it allows the audience members to escape and make them more likely commit to viewing on a long-term basis rather than just once or twice.

Spontaneous transmedia
Spontaneous transmedia

The use of transmedia within my website added more depth to the context and made it interactive and fun . To fit with the spontaneous theme this was appropriate so I wanted to take full advantage of using a variety of media. So I added the most spontaneous and addictive game that I could find. If people come back to play again and want to beat every other fans high score then incidentally they will find themselves on the NetTv website being subtly reminded to stay tuned.

Transmedia is becoming an essential tool within the way the media works and it is forever changing its appeal whilst the audience to appeal to is forever changing. From what I have learnt about how drastically the media is developing, with many shows quoting hashtags at the start on the presumption that social networking is something people want with their television shows (otherwise this way of promotion would simply not work) the way we see the media is constantly changing in weird and drastic ways. As a media practitioner it is important to therefore use transmedia to allow a text to keep its appeal in a world that can’t get enough of the media.


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