What big eyes yaouw ‘ave (Fizzog Productions)

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Duren black country liven museum’s ‘half proice family night’ a particular event caught me eye. Haven opened the unique museum after hours what be’ah place ter spend the final hour of ar victorian experience than a trip ter the workers institute ter see fizzogs eccentric production of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ fittingly armed with traditional fish an’ chips of couss.

Following research after the performance ar discovered that the company was formed over twelve years ago by talented yam yams Sue Hawkins, Jacky Fellows and Deb Nicholls. And loyal to the black country they most definitely am. Performed on a simple set with an effective and amusing concept their interpretation of Goldilocks meets Little Red Hiding Hood was the beef dripping to a magical night. With all the typical features of a pantomime ; the heckles, the innuendos for the adults and catch phrases yo would be fooled to think the performance was ordinary.

The family
The family

The charismatic black country accent’s were kept up immaculately throughout and slotted in perfectly with the realism and feeling of the night. Why do we need vowels in theatre anyway when you can have black country wit? As ar mentioned before the stage was simple. Amusingly so, to the point of feeling sorry for the lovable narrator and director who was trying to keep the show together. With the victorian theme of family apparent around the museum well this am what ar would call natural theatre. The type where little red riding hood gets side tracked by a fella in the audience and of course daddy doesn’t like porridge anyway, so goldilocks can do what her likes!

Kudos for the realism and fitting into the era of travelling theatres. It was different but very amusing.

A bostin performance!




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