Another piggin’ hilarious show from Fizzog Productions

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The forever whimsical Mrs Barbara Nice was right when she said “You don’t get this at live at the Apollo with Michael McIntyre” last night when I was oh-so gratefully offered two free tickets to see another of Fizzog’s charismatic performances.

Following my last review on their not so traditional family pantomime I was invited to see something completely different.


The 50% funnier show comedy tour brought to life one or two of the characters from the panto but surprised its audiences with so much more. With a fresh and without any pre show prejudice as ever I walked into the hall not knowing what to expect; with the flyer above in mind I was quite frankly a little nervous.

Yes it had it’s innuendo’s but looks were almost entirely deceiving.  There were a lot and I mean a lot of suggestions made and some nudity but somehow they hit the nail on the head (sorry to any dirty-minded people, that is the cleanest cliche I could think of).

Instead of vulgar or remotely awkward it was very clever and remained tasteful enough to be family friendly ish. Even trying to remain unbiased about the generous invitation the performance was rehearsed to an admirable slickness where the characters were relatable in some ways yet still had that comedy timing that makes you chuckle without fail. Not only were the cast masters of the funny but masters of the versatile too.

Whether it be demiurge tribute act ‘Fabba’ one minute, the rambling school children or loveable and my favourite the four old ladies another it is quite easy to forget that there isn’t 50 or so actors back stage. Every member of the cast and i’m sure crew quite obviously pulled their weight into creating such natural characters you can’t help but fall for.


Whilst the fictional characters fitted together so complimentarily the compere Mrs Barbara Nice could not have been more suited to the role. Within seconds she had even the grumpiest looking of audience members up and dancing and wanting to win that glorious Fray Bentos pie in her raffle prize collection. To say she set the tone of the evening feels like a massive understatement; In many ways she set the expectations very high from the start with her down to earth and blunt hilarity. The fizzog’s and their honorary member Nice have a great deal of potential but most importantly they seem to have remained true to their USP. They are real and joke about real things and always in the witty black country dialect you can’t helped but get sucked into. Yes fizzog you’re right, those tips from Take a Break are pretty darn good.

Even with its rapidly growing loyal fan base with people coming much further than the black country there was not a dry eye in the house. I didn’t quite need my inhaler as promised but boy was I close within seconds of the four old ladies ingenious ‘single ladies’ entrance.  With a new radio show coming soon you really need to watch this space. Scarily close to perfection. So so Bostin!

For having the guts to be starkers on stage, James Collins!



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