Professional experience- initial swot analysis before experience

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In preparation for the professional experience module experience of my course we split up into groups to undertake a swot analysis of the strengths, weakness’, opportunities and threats that we may face.

swot analysis

Although a simple task this analysis gave me a chance to reflect about how I can use the strengths of my experience in the industry to my future advantage, how i could use my own skills to overcome the threats and how i can prepare for the weaknesses not only at university but beyond.

Through thinking about the opportunities that this module may provide me such as networking and confidence I am forced to think more seriously about the area of the industry that is most appropriate to both what I enjoy and what I am good at.

I am going to continue blogging about how using my own personal strengths and through experience I am overcoming these obstacles in order to stand out as a media practitioner.



One thought on “Professional experience- initial swot analysis before experience

    […] to a professional company as well as the experience being of benefit to myself. Looking back on the SWOT analysis that I did of myself previous, I am beginning to see where I can realistically place myself within […]

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