Bitter sweet artist research – Nobuyuki Taguchi

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For my sixty seconds film of a place within a space at least one of my shots had to be inspired by a particular photographer or filmmaker.

Finding an obscure space
Finding an obscure space

The London-based photographer Taguchi inspired me for his black and white photography. Despite the lack of colour within them the pictures still spoke to me and provoked deep feelings. He inspired me to experiment with colour within my sixty seconds to investigate the effect that colour has within a sweet shop and so our childhood.

Another technique, as you can see above in his unnamed piece, Taguchi demonstrates how a fish eye lens can be used to create obscurity. After studying this technique further I opted into filming using a fish eye lens filter to demonstrate how childhood fascination can obscure perspective.

My research into Taguchi has taught me how colour and eccentric focusing can be used to create an entirely new place for an audience.


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