260MC- Affective cinema- Prima Facie

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Prima facie (/ˈpraɪmə ˈfeɪʃɨ.iː/, /ˈfeɪʃə/, or /ˈfeɪʃiː/;[1] from Latin: prīmā faciē) is a Latin expression meaning on its first encounterfirst blush, or at first sight.

Prima Facie (Task 6) from Meera Darji on Vimeo.


       Distinguishing a difference between mind and matter, as discussed in the theory of ‘dualism’ Prima Facie is a short film about love at first sight. Based on the emotions we felt from Flaubert’s Madame Bovary our aim was to use colour to effect our audience through physiological oppency.

“One day he got there about three o’clock. Everybody was in the fields. He went into the kitchen, but did not at once catch sight of Emma; the outside shutters were closed. Through the chinks of the wood the sun sent across the flooring long fine rays that were broken at the corners of the furniture and trembled along the ceiling. Some flies on the table were crawling up the glasses that had been used, and buzzing as they drowned themselves in the dregs of the cider. The daylight that came in by the chimney made velvet of the soot at the back of the fireplace, and touched with blue the cold cinders. Between the window and the hearth Emma was sewing; she wore no fichu; he could see small drops of perspiration on her bare shoulders.”

We extracted the essence of love from the description of perspiration and the pathetic fallacy of the sunshine. In short our story is boy meets girl but we intended to take the emotion a step forward through an autumnal use of colour. I myself wore a bright fuchsia dress to connote love which I felt contrasted well with my boyfriends black shirt (yes my real boyfriend too). The orangey backdrop of the cathedral combined with these colours created a whirlwind. Hopefully that crazy whirlwind that you land eyes on that special someone.



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