3 hopefully innovative pitches

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Last lecture we were given the task of thinking outside the box to create something fitting within the future rather than the present and what is already on the market. I have scripted 3 pitches, with what I believe to have there own unique selling points that I have not seen elsewhere.

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Interactive classroom software

Personal, social, health education is a legal requirement as part of both primary and secondary school curriculum. OFSTED consider this a fundamental part in the development of an all-rounded student. Yet teachers still feel out of their depths teaching subjects such as sex education and relationships. What can be done to make these lessons more effective? And fun even? A new app, which brings to life any interactive whiteboard with the addition of a camera literally places the student into age appropriate scenarios and encouraged to think about consequences. There seems little point in teaching life skills from a book. It’s time to update the classroom.

Virtual worlds are becoming a reality
Virtual worlds are becoming an everyday  reality

Child friendly kindle

1 in 10 UK kids own an Iphone. Love it or hate it technology is vastly becoming second nature to children. So we may aswell use it for the good of there development. Unlike a typical e-book our simple child friendly book, aged at seven and over, will encourage children to read by choosing stories to suit them. Not just the title but the fate of their characters in this interactive app. Not only encouraging a desire to read but developing a sense of moral conscientiousness too,

Popular series of books which inspired my creation
Popular series of books which inspired my creation

Interactive film competition

If you’ve ever spoke to anyone under the age of ten it’s impossible to ignore that children have the most colourful imagination. Given a simple brief such as your film must be a horror and use an umbrella as a prop, it is inevitable that something unique will be created. Encouraging early organisational skills, confidence, responsibility and of course creativity an interactive forum where teachers and pupils alike can compete and compare ideas to try and be the school featured on the website for that month could be the biggest new thing on the curriculum.


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