Competition; Research and Development- Anon. (2005). Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

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According to the key to competing in the business world is a well developed Unique selling proposition. Using the structure set out on their website I have begun to develop the USP of my classroom resource.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. – 

Using, interviews in particular to really connect with my audience I aim to emphasise with their  needs and wants taking a step back from my own wants for the product. For example the time constraints and technical difficulties often associated with technology in the classroom.

Know what motivates your customers’ behaviour and buying decisions –

In the future, conducting research into the motives of my buyers would be beneficial in drawing in a larger audience. For example when you purchase my software, the buyer could be prompted with the question. ‘Where did you hear about us?’ This would therefore suggest their trail of thought. Although considered unethical by some google tracking is also an available technique to note the search history of a customer, their interests and most beneficially their shopping habits.

Uncover the real reasons why customers should buy your product instead of a competitor’s- 

Augmented reality used to be an amazing groundbreaking technology and if you developed a classroom software which used it even twenty years ago you would be onto a winner. However with technology advancing quicker than ever, these days I have a lot of things to constantly compete with.

The thing that distinguishes my resource from other educational ones is that it utilises AR on the interactive whiteboard which has only very rarely been done before, but most significantly it is used in the teaching of PSHE, which from my research so far seems to have never been done before.

PSHE, is renowned for being an awkward subject and I feel that that is what makes my software unique, as it can help to minimise this by lessening the role of the teacher whilst still encouraging healthy debate and exchanging of opinions.

The use of a virtual world is also closer to the real world and has shown to be effective in the past in the changing of prejudice views. When it comes to changing the views of the next generation, or at least engaging them a little more than this could really make a difference.

Anon. (2005). Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Available: Last accessed 3rd March 2014.


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