An excitable update on developing my app. Calling all teachers!; Research and Development + the start of a business plan

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Where to start? Tomorrow morning I have a meeting with the creative futures department of my university to hopefully kickstart this app into a proper business and get an insight into everything I need to know about self-employing and funding. I have been working hard on gaining research a bit further a field and I’ve started to realise how much networking you have to put in to gain a single response. It is slowly starting to pay off though as this morning I got a retweet from the National Teachers Union! Hopefully this could be a good step to be joining the community of teachers that I ultimately want to sell my idea to.


If you are a teacher or know one that may be able to help, this is the survey that I am currently collecting responses with and any thoughts would be hugely helpful.

I don’t really know what to expect tomorrow but from the responses I’ve had so far I am definitely starting to see a place in the market and I am ready for whatever it takes to take that place. Looking forward to updating you all again.


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