Binaural sound edits- Steve Reich style

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It’s not just the visuals in a film that can be experimental, the sound can add a great deal to the atmosphere too and that’s exactly what I have been researching and playing around with since my last lecture.

Binaural sound or virtual 3D is an area of experimental audio that I have been mesmerised by ever since I heard the above video. Whilst the works of say Steve Reich, are somewhat errrr…less easy to comprehend.

Binaural sound experiments are a great deal more real, the whole point is that with headphones it is almost like you are really there. The thing that is quite cool about Pogo is that the sounds put together are put together uniquely and in an almost artificial style, but the 3D makes the sound feel closer. I just had to try myself…

It is hardly the most detailed demonstration on the web but in theory with much practice and patience it could take simple audio into a whole new 3D world and as experimental as sound can be. I would class that as somewhere pretty darn high up on the list of experimental sounds that leave an impression. If there is not an official list yet I’d really hope that was up there.

Back to the lecture, we were given some generic clips to choose from and I opted to remix Russel Brands interview with Jeremy Paxman from the list.

My intention was to emphasise his iconically eccentric articulation and remix a small chunk of his words into something that couldn’t be less articulate. This is my creation…which is also binaural by the way so works better if you wear headphones.

What do you think? I think it’s a bit odd myself and maybe even annoying but at least it makes you feel something. I will definitely be working on creating 3D sounds in the future but I’ll probably just leave it at that. No offence Reich.


One thought on “Binaural sound edits- Steve Reich style

    […] in the beginning of this module, where I created my sound edit and montage mash-up my eyes were opened to the not only importance of sound but its capabilities. […]

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