Comments on other students work- ’20 Sec sound Task’

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A lot of media producers including myself sometimes fall guilty of ignoring sound and its capabilities of creating an impact. Creating a piece of art purely out of sound and particularly seeing what other people created from the brief this week was therefore very interesting.

I decided to review the sound work of my peer Jacky Chan Kin Yat who created this sound edit using the editing software Audacity.

Although the audio could have maybe been clearer with a slight gain, the gradual progression and warped effect that was used impacted me in an increasingly uncomfortable way as the piece went on. i thought it was very cleverly crafted in the way that it built steadily into a piece that did not remotely resemble the original and this made me think about the components of sounds and how flexible they are.

To achieve all of this through sound, I thought, was very powerful.


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