The natural selfie; Challenging mainstream media

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When I think of the word selfie, I automatically think of vanity and duckfaces. Don’t get me wrong, I’m guilty of jumping on the bandwagon myself but for this task of creating a 30 second selfie of myself I wanted to create something which represent purity and the more natural side within us all, underneath the fake tan and the photoshop.


Inspired by Ichigo Maid on DeviantArt I decided to follow her in the footsteps of using make up to not only look beautiful but to represent meaning.

My original idea, which I hope to try again, was to animate the face paint by washing it off each time and reapplying the picture with a slight change in the paint to create a stop motion effect. However, annoyingly so it turned out after applying everything that I was allergic to the face paint and although I decided the show must go on (such a trooper) I needed to get this process of capturing the face paint done as quickly as I could.

As a compromise, I used digital graphics and layered them over the footage in post-production. Although this was somewhat different to my original plan I quite liked the contrast between the reality and the almost fantasy creatures in the scene too.

Here is my kind of selfie, the hopefully opposite of the Big John’s loo variety:

The natural selfie from Katie-Marie Lynch on Vimeo.

Challenging typical expectations of a medium is some thing which I will aim to do in the future, as this is ultimately a better way of standing out from the competition.



One thought on “The natural selfie; Challenging mainstream media

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