Banana slicers. Merci Maslow!; Research and development

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The banana slicer went through thorough development to become a product that would overcome that well known problem in life of…cutting bananas with greater ease. It’s not exactly changing the world, it might not even have anything but a novelty element and I want to create something which meets a real need with my product. That is to create an item that people need rather than want, and will not be shoved to the back of the cupboard in time…like a banana cutter.

Throughout my research I have found that, both teachers and students alike felt that an intervention was needed to aid in the teaching of PSHE. Even on a government scale the teaching of this has been discussed by the big cheeses which would suggest that, on the successful creation of my product, that there is a genuine need for it.


The famous Maslow, created a hierarchy of basic human needs from physiological to the ultimate self-actualisation which every person instinctively desires, thus doing all of us product developers a great favour to what needs we should appeal to with our product. The idea of this hierarchy is, that you cannot reach self-actualisation without receiving the needs below, for example if you reach a high level of morality which reflects your ‘actual-self’ but you are starving, then life could be significantly better. All everybody wants is that utter fulfilment at the top, and advertising, essentially displays an illusion of how easy that could be.

This hierarchy above is just a basic template and can easily have lots of other fundamental needs added to it of which producers aim to appeal to, many of which overlap each other. At the start of my last workshop in developing my innovation we created a list of generic issues, such as conflict, poverty and racism. These issues on at least one level counteracted a need on the hierarchy of needs. For example, poverty is an issue because, food water and sleep are fundamental needs yet in impoverish conditions limit this.

With fundamental needs being pursued in mind, I have begun to develop the appeal of my classroom resource in resolving conflict. As a classroom resource for the next generation of children and how they think about Personal, social and health issues I believe my idea to me relevant to many issues.

My resource, will educate the next generation of children in issues from health, conflict resolution, environmental conservation and more. In a climate where teenage pregnancy, substance misuse and  first world poverty is on the rise but the relevant education has been placed on the back burner to reduce costs in an economic crisis, my interactive resource will bring children together in discussion of these important matters, in a low-cost pay once but versatile way which will make the teaching of these awkward taboo subjects not only enjoyable but life changing in the long run . This will ultimately reduce the long-term cost of current and future issues that the services increasingly face such as drug abuse.”  


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