Conexio – Binding together; Time, Memory, Space and place (Emily Joy)

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I was painting my dining room with my Spotify blaring and dancing of course. Don’t know if you’ve ever heard of it but I’ve got a real thing for steam punk at the moment. It’s kind of an non-existent but amazing era that would come about if Victorians had invented the lightbulb a little earlier.  Anyway back to the dining room, so I’m there, throwing in a few badly pulled off pirouettes  whilst I was stirring the paint.

Those that know me well will know this is relatively normal.

It made me think about the similarities  between combining chemicals and dance moves. The science and well the beauty of it.

I see dance as one of the earliest forms of science. Biology, chemistry and physics.

The Darbyshire Award Exhibition, back in 2009, exhibited the work of Emily Joy. An artist who created a sculpture based on the theme of Memory and time.

L1112336The sculpture, called ‘nothing is forgotten’ demonstrates the idea of memory being infinite through the obvious semiotics of a physical loop but it also utilises space and place in the same way that is repeatedly theorised within film.

Space and Place: The Perspective of Experience By Yi-Fu Tuan (1977) talks about place as being the ‘place where you live’, The Maslow- defined fundamental need to belong. In this case in a psychical place. The existence within this place, as an infinite loop, represents time and memory as never-ending, whereas in film this effect can be created when the beginning and end of the film can fit together in a loop like in experimental film ‘Karma-This is a loop’ by Sean Liew.

Yi-Fu Tuan, refers to space however as an emotional reaction to a place. So within the context of Connexio, bringing together the use of space and place to demonstrate time and memory I have essentially, I hope, created a piece of film which places the audience within a place that allows them to think, about time and memory in a new way which they had not before and in a space where they have never noticed. Although a film, so it takes up a little physical ‘place’ the use of repetition places the audience into the all important space.

Having shown Connexio to an audience, the general feedback I received was that it was dreamlike and atmospheric. By that measure I would say that my film was therefore indeed a representation of time and memory as Freud himself said that “Dreams are the royal road to the unconscious.” in The Interpretation of Dreams, and in the unconsciousness holds our memories . 

Although Connexio will not be my final film, the whole point of creating an experimental film is that it is constantly evolving. Creating films with similar themes and focusing on theory is, although ironically a plan, how I intend to create my final piece.


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