Expansion of ideas, experimental planning for an experimental film

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Looking back on my previous blog, using a prezi presentation to gather my ideas into the beginning of what will soon be a plan for development, I have established some themes which I will take further and others which I will leave maybe for another project.

The most exciting thing in the creation of an experimental piece, which differs in the way of the creation of a typical film is that even the way in which you approach the development of it can be experimental. In other words, rather then sticking to a specific plan or developing the same ideas you get to play around with lots of ideas.

Like say how I shot the above clip for my original idea, I filmed it because I wanted to play with ideas related to childhood nostalgia to branch further ideas off it rather than to create something final.

So what better theme to include in my final experimental piece then the theme of play itself. There are many definitions of play, the one that I am going to focus on is, play is to:

“engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose.”

An artistic duet who creates their art exactly in this way is PiArtwork whom I came across on Youtube. The one half of these ‘Improvisational artists’ creates canvas paintings based on the music that the other half plays on the piano and rather than following a typical and thoroughly thought-out plan, the duo create what they feel without the typical conventions of film production.

Free Play: Improvisation in life, Nachmanovitch,S (1991) talks about the origin of ‘Improvisation’ and how it is achieved. 


Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 21.21.36


The quote ‘What we have is already with us, is us’ for me in terms of film relates to the films that I created before, of which come from what I already know and already understand. To create some thing which is experimental however, I need to ‘unblock the obstacles to its natural flow’ and push myself to try a new style. In order to do this, I am going to take a trip to a place where has previously inspired me and that is the Mad Museum in Stratford.

Last time I visited this paradise of automata art I was a less experienced media practitioner and analyser but these were my thoughts

I am hoping that now I have a brief in mind, to give myself no brief, I will gather more from the exhibits that I see.



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    […] then, experimental film as I talked about in my last blog on expanding my ideas, is considered by some theorists, such as Nachmanovitch, as the extension of ‘What we have is […]

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