Educational licensing; Business plan

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Unlike a normal licence, there is more to an Educational Community Licence than meets the eye.

A cheaper one-off payment for the whole school, the head teacher or investor of classroom resources for the school can buy a discounted bulk usage of the software rather than each teacher or even student have to pay individually under official terms that they must follow.

Educational resource MyMaths for example charges a one off fee of £525.
Educational resource MyMaths for example charges a one off fee of £525.

Most educational resources generally run under this licence, it also has other perks.

The Apache license (version 2.0) of which the Educational Licence was developed from was created with the specific needs of the academic community in mind.  As the members of the academic community came together to address the concerns of releasing software written at an academic institution under a free/open source license it is much more thoroughly though out and better appreciated than to sell a product to a school under no relevant license.

An educational resource, developed from within education is essentially more appealing and something I will look further into.

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    […] and that is all, which will be considerably cheaper as long as the school agrees to adhere to the Educational community licence. I believe this appeal will bring in a larger pool of interest than other approaches app developers […]

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