Return to madness; nanos gigantum humeris insidentes (Standing on the shoulders of giants)

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Grab a 2 Pound coin and even that reads ‘Standing on the shoulders of giants’.

Isaac Newton, once said that he got to where he did through standing on the shoulders of giants, in other words discovering more by utilising what has already been discovered.

But then, experimental film as I talked about in my last blog on expanding my ideas, is considered by some theorists, such as Nachmanovitch, as the extension of ‘What we have is already with us’. So where is the line between the two to create the best experimental film that I am capable of and some thing which is truly experimental?

As promised, I returned to the newly expanded Mad Museum of Mechanical Art and design in Stratford-Upon Avon on a hunt for inspiration from existing projects.

As expected I really enjoyed it but that’s not really relevant, more importantly it inspired me to think outside of the box. I won’t be creating a sculpture like many of the exhibits within the museum but many of the pieces there used movement and sound to tell a story within their own rights. And just like experimental film, as you can see from the photos above the narrative is something which you take from the subject from your own personal experience rather than some thing monotonously obvious.

Ernst Heye is the creator of many of the rolling ball pieces in the gallery above, the basic principle that I liked, thinking in terms of time and memory is the idea of memory as a chain reaction. After looking at lots of creations which use physics and a knock on effect to create some thing playful I am starting to think about taking another approach.

Unfortunately I did not get a picture myself but a particular piece inspired me to think differently about film. It used a projector to show a film, pretty standard? But, using a sculpture to silhouette onto the film the silhouette completely changed the impact that the film had.

Who is to say that interactive film can only be about programming and pressing buttons? That is an idea that I am going to take forward as it is some thing I have never even considered before. I look forward to thinking more about the possibilities and learning from what is already out there.


One thought on “Return to madness; nanos gigantum humeris insidentes (Standing on the shoulders of giants)

    […] talked in my previous blog about standing on the shoulders of giants and taking advantage of existing material. Thinking back to this in terms of being a media producer, […]

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