NETWORKING is the single most powerful marketing tactic to accelerate and sustain success for any individual or organization! – Adam Small (2013)

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Whilst it would be a great deal easier if potential employers could come to me out of nowhere and offer me a job with Disney, the key to success and gaining experience is networking. Networking as the act of:

“interacting with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts”.

To expand my existing skills in a professional environment I have to be able to prove that I have qualities that are beneficial to a professional company as well as the experience being of benefit to myself. Looking back on the SWOT analysis that I did of myself previous, I am beginning to see where I can realistically place myself within the professional world rather than I would want to. Sorry Disney.

My initial thought on this module are that, whilst a placement specifically for what I want to do within children’s media would be advantageous. It is just as useful for me to try to overcome my weaknesses as noted in my SWOT analysis by working my way up through professional placements where my strengths will be of use.

Whilst I already have a professional Facebook, Twitter and this blog to represent me as media practitioner I have also found word of mouth to be of success to me. I am beginning to see new gaps in the market where I could place myself where I have not before.

One placement which I have recently sourced face to face is with Lightweaver Productions. Having previously been in front of the camera with this film company as a dancer, I advertised my experience to them and have been offered a placement which enables me to be responsible for all of the sound in their upcoming short film ‘Cooler’.

Sourcing this placement via atypical means and thinking outside of the box has led me to think also about freelance work. Creating work for myself, such as shooting a short independent children’s film, will be a great chance for me to develop skills that I choose too and be in control of that personally.




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