Creating a curriculum vitae; MonsterCV

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Looking for experience, now as a student university, soon reminded me of just how out of date my cv suddenly was. Not many employers will even care about my GCSE’S anymore, eek.

Monster CV advises that it is a good idea to customise your cv accordingly to the area of work that you are looking for, for each job even. (2014) As I want to work in children’s media ideally, I looked at some existing examples of related cvs. Interestingly, the closest I could get to this area is a media producer in general. This therefore seems to be an extremely competitive market.


Using these as a template I reworked my cv  and tried to create a pitch for myself that would make me stand out from other undergraduates, the process of this allowed me to access further the sort of skills and experience that an employer would look for, and therefore what I need to build on.

I felt the strong points of my cv were;

  • A variety in experience
  • Good academic standard
  • Clear layout

However to really stand out from the crowd and ultimately what I aim to gain from my professional experience is:

  • Evidence of initiative
  • Greater depth of experience
  • A clearer individual style
  • Evidence of professional and independent work within the children’s sector of the media



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