Branding my product; Research and development

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The actual contents of a research folder are, in terms of being innovative the most important but the last couple of days I have been developing the branding of my resource folder. Although not the most important stage every stage of development should still be undertaken in an educated way, based on existing knowledge.

Starting with the name that I would choose, I wanted something that would represent what the resource actually was but in a fun way.

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Existing brand names, were typically no longer than one or two words and whilst some were a bit cryptic others made a little more sense.

I wanted a hybrid of fun but professional, so opted for something more sensical to the theme;


The PSH bit, personal, social and health is obvious but the Me! bit is to represent how the software is personalised to the viewer and is all about how you think.

And thats what the ethic branding of my product is; it’s fun but professional, follows the existing curriculum and is personalised.

‘Some things cannot be taught from books.’

And there is my tagline. Based on the feedback from one of the students I asked about the current teaching of pshe in schools. To create an innovative product, according to ‘What is innovation” by AGI, is to create something based on the genuine needs of your audience rather than something that you just have a desire to develop and that is exactly what I have intended to do throughout.

And on to developing a logo, although I’ve had a little practice with photoshop before I opted for help with developing my ideas more professionally.

Talking to a graphics designer about my product opened my eyes to the theme that I mentioned before, when designing something for a strict function, functionality is more important than typical attractiveness. Whilst branding is important, in that it creates the first impression of a product, where schools are under tight constraints of many varieties simplicities is appealing in a resource for the classroom.

Working with the graphics designer, these are the designs that we have come up with so far.


The hand represents a willingness to interact in the classroom, the speech bubble to signify the freedom of speech and the light through the hand the use of the interactive whiteboard and advanced technology. Following the rule of simplicity, a logo which could be placed all over various products within my folder, the second one on the right is my favourite.

Following the rules of ‘innovation’ however, I will leave it up to the actual audience to tell me if it works or not as I ask them to beta test my resource folder in development.


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    […] this is where the knowledge of branding came into play. I sketched out the semiotics of what I wanted to represent, notably the use of a […]

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