Day one- Developing CV/Scripting for children’s radio

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As I have spoke about in previous blogs, my creative heart lies very strongly with creating media specifically for children. And whilst that is a start in order to progress further, today I have been looking closer into the industry to see more specifically where my interests lie and where my strengths and weaknesses put me too.

After looking at my cv, I felt that I lacked experience in work specifically of this genre. I am therefore, alongside contracted work which I have on the horizon going try to develop the necessary skills needed to do this myself.

My research within the writing field soon made me aware of the 10,000 Hour Rule.”, or the amount of hours needed to practice a skill before you accomplish it. Whilst finding contracted work, and showing off what I have learnt to an employer before the deadline for my module is proving limited, I am going to begin these all important hours by employing myself. I’m hired!

Using classical texts as inspiration, a technique where I feel I have perform well in the past, I have set myself the brief to create a radiodrama for children aged 7-11, with an educational element.

The witch who wanted to play the uke from Katie-Marie Lynch on Vimeo.

Research today has highlighted texts which fit my style well, using existing children’s media competitor Cbeebies for inspiration I have consequently decided to base my drama on  Alice’s Adventures in wonderland as it is such a colourful story which great imaginable sounds. I am beginning to develop my own style even further than the obvious producer for children.


Patticharron. (2009). How many writers will actually make it?.Available: Last accessed 2nd March 2014.


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