Teacher feedback after beta testing ; Analysis – Allard,J et al. (2010)

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Using the data from the surveys I sent to 10 different primary school teachers, I have gathered the qualitative data into a quantitive word cloud to highlight the themes which were most consistently apparent.

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 00.23.43

The general feedback I received was very reassuring,  the most commonly used words show up the largest on the word cloud that I created and as you can see the general feeling towards by folder is that it is clear and helpful. The areas that I need to work on according to this data is letting the reader know a little more about how the technology behind the product works, in an easy to understand way.

The disadvantages of the research that I have conducted through surveys, according to Prof. David Taylors introduction to research methods is that surveys are cold and there is no opportunity to easily ask follow up questions. Especially with doing my surveys via the internet and in a short space of time this is a significant disadvantage to the validity of my research. However, assuming the data to be accurate representations of the general publics opinion, developing a short note for the teacher to see what the technology is behind the product, as requested, is a helpful place for me to start.

Using Allard,J et al’s journal on 3D modelling I have since put together this note detailing the use of technology such as markers for teachers. If I had more time, and I will in the future for the development of my business I would like to return my folders to the peer group as previous and ask them specifically about the effectiveness of this information. This would also confirm the effectiveness of my current strategy into market research.

 Allard,J et al. (2010). Marker-less Real Time 3D Modeling for Virtual Reality. Available: http://artis.imag.fr/Projets/Cyber-II/Publications/IPT04.pdf. Last accessed 3rd March 2014.


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