Day three – Event photography/videography for The Jan Foundation

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Fortunately, my online portfolio gained some attention from a company, or rather a charity, whom were seeking a photographer and videographer to capture their upcoming event ‘Jam4Jan.’

Following a meeting with the manager and other volunteers, I was very excited that I would be using and developing my skills for the advantage of a charity devoted to building better futures for families affected by domestic violence. My responsibility was to capture as much of the night that I could, edit the photos to the highest standard using photoshop and distribute them back to the appropriate people so that it could be used as a future tool for publicity.

In preparation for the night I charged 3 batteries for the Canon 600D, wiped the memory cards for both the zoom mic and the camera, reset the cameras settings and ensured that the tripod was working fluidly before setting off to the venue, The roadhouse, Kings Norton Birmingham.

When I got there in my Jan foundation T-shirt, I felt pretty proud to be part of a team and felt very determined to get some good shots.


I set my microphone up to record continuously throughout the night and after playing with the settings and checking it with the sound test through my headphones I was happy that the sound captured would be clear.

However, after setting up my camera I soon realised that the lighting in the room would be a great more deal darker to photograph in then I had ever done before. A new challenge for me to overcome.

Although, I admit I struggled technically with the lighting conditions more than I expected. This posed as a great opportunity for me to learn more about aperture and how to adjust quickly to challenging situations.

As a result, this is an area in which I now know that I need to work on. At the end of the night and over 800 pictures and 2 hours of film I received a thank you card, it was very rewarding to offer my skills as a volunteer rather than a paid employee.

My next task was to edit the photos using photoshop.





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