Day four- Editing photographs from Jam4Jan

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Using the editing software Adobe Photoshop CS6, I set myself the mission of selecting which photos were suitable to be used for the publicity of the charities event. I had more than 800 to choose from but I eventually whittled this down to about 30 which I thought were the most appropriate.

I wanted the selection of photos that I would send to be representative of the whole night, so it was quite frustrating to see where the lack of light had effected the clarity of some of the photographs.


Using photoshop however I heightened the exposure so that it actually ended up creating an interesting colourful effect from the stage lights in the photos which were saveable.

Using the flash wasn’t always ideal, as I was surrounded very closely by audience members and quite frankly didn’t want to blind them. Looking back though now however, I know that there were other changes that I should have made to let more light into the picture such as reducing the shutter speed and upping the ISO.

Luckily I have since learnt from my mistakes and now feel more prepared to shoot in awkward situations.

Also importantly, I did manage to get the ‘money shot’ in a good level of focus that I was happy with. It took quite a few attempts to get it right, and as it was a portrait of the volunteers I felt guilty making them wait for me to get it in focus and with nobody blinking. I am glad that I stuck it out though, as that was an important part of the night and also an important lesson for me to learn from. Before progressing further as an event photographer, especially in dark situations, working fast and efficiently is an advantageous skill to develop.

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This placement with the charity taught me a great deal of technical things about photography and lighting, directing actors is definitely much easier than directing light! But it also taught me that it’s always better to give things a shot. Having been given positive feedback from the charity, and with the band asking for pics for their own websites etc, I feel like I used my skills for a very positive cause.

Whilst I could not rely solely on voluntary work, it is a great chance for me to develop both my strengths and weaknesses whilst it being extremely rewarding emotionally to work towards a charitable goal with a team.


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