Day five- Researching and drafting first draft of script

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Today I have experienced what it is like to work to my own but still tight schedule as a freelance writer. It’s amazing what skittles and the frozen soundtrack can do for a bit of motivation!

I woke up at 9 and read through the first scene that I wrote previously and made some thorough notes about the themes, some of the key ones which I aimed to achieve being:

  • Educational value
  •  Relatable characters
  • Morale boosting
  • Age appropriate

Looking at some examples, this time as an audience viewer or rather listener. I closed my eyes and listened intentively to Fear on FourThe Horn by BBC radio.


If you have a QR reader you can access this with the picture aside. Although, definitely not for kids it was useful for me to see how sound could be used to create a sense of space. I liked this slightly surreal use of space that was created by the varying use of reverb and thought this could be an competitive way to engage my listeners.

As a writer though, whilst it is helpful for me to think about the technicalities of what I write on paper, the way in which I can create place at least is the way that I use words and build a relationship between not just the characters but with the audience too.


From my writers course of which I am currently undertaking, specialising in writing for children, I have learnt about the importance of writing with the ages of the audience in mind.

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 17.48.19

Every story has a basic science behind its structure, or at least in more complex narratives is developed on the principle of having an equilibrium, a disequilibrium and in its a conclusion the equilibrium is restored. Without this quality a story can lack depth. The re-equilibrium in a children’s story should be fair where the baddie gets his comeuppance and the hero lives happily ever after. Particularly young children do not want to hear that the world isn’t fair.

With writing for children comes great responsibility, at such an easily susceptible age it is very important that the media that they are exposed to holds some sort of politically correct morale. This also tends to sell better within mainstream media, such as things seen on Cbeebies radio.

I therefore decided to go with the theme of imagination. With young people being surrounded by technology, (I say staring at my mac) I felt that this was a current topic that could potentially sell and appeal to frustrated parents.

images (20)

Working straight out from start to fade out took a great deal of discipline, although this is only a first draft I feel like I achieved a lot by doing this on such a tight schedule. I have a lot of redrafting to go until it is is the best quality that I feel it can be, but I feel that according to the qualities of a freelancer that I researched before my strengths hold me to be in a good position to develop my skills to a professional level with practice.

Whilst I am pleased with the efficiency of my work on this project, and that it fits the brief that I set myself originally, I know that it is a very competitive industry and that I must improve the structure of my narratives and the ability to write for a specific audience.

My intention is to improve these weaknesses through continuous practice, the seeking of feedback and through the completion of my course ‘Writing books for children’.

Based on the story of Alice and Wonderland, Crash to earth. A first draft.

I personally feel that the story is still quite hazy and I need to better distinguish between the different universes to emphasise the moral of the story, so for my next step I am going to ask my target audience (well the clickers) and ask some parents to see what works and what doesn’t so that I can make a radio story which really appeals.









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