Dream Catcher; An experimental production Process Part 2 (including outtakes)

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Using the risk assessment in my previous blog as a guideline to shoot the swordplay scene we still had a few slip ups

Outtakes- Dream Catcher from Katie-Marie Lynch on Vimeo.

but because I had made precautions no property and more importantly nobody was damaged.

Sword fight- Step 5 from Katie-Marie Lynch on Vimeo.

I wanted the audience to realise how the themes, growing up, are relevant to us all and also to add another theme of play. That is why the main focus of the shoot was to enjoy ourself, to gain enjoyment without purpose and that we did.

To create a dreamy effect I duplicated the footage and on the second layer added a blur. I also experimented with just how surreal I could make the footage by adjusting the RGB settings and raising the blue well above the rest. I hoped that this would make the footage fit in well with the sky on the footage from the projection.

I used a vignette again to blend all of the footage together and shrank the footage into the corner of the toy boat footage. I then doubled up the sound effects to narrate the action both within the animation and played around with overlay setting until I was happy with how all of the layers blended together.

And this is the final film, utilising projection, stop frame and action to hopefully bring Peter Pan to life.

Dream Catcher – Final film from Katie-Marie Lynch on Vimeo.


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