What studying Experimental narrative has taught me… A conclusion

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Following the completion of this film I have begun to see the beauty of challenging the norms of the media industry. Whilst they may not be a huge market for experimental film yet I personally feel that creating a film without any restrictions has, whilst being outside of what I am used to has be an eye opener.

I think that it is a shame that, realistically, to create a film that sells there are typical conventions that films must adhere to sell. But what is so appealing about repetition? Some of the blatant rip-offs already out there that I found are somewhat astounding.


I talked in my previous blog about standing on the shoulders of giants and taking advantage of existing material. Thinking back to this in terms of being a media producer, I do rely inevitably on other Peoples work and the techniques that have already been used. It’s sort of inevitable in that there are a massive amount of films out there that ,that amazing creative brain wave you’ve just had has probably been done somewhere else before. To be a good media producer however, my aim is to put a slant on it or to mix existing ideas that have never been used before.

That is what I like about Experimental narratives, I like that it is perfectly acceptable within this genre to improvise and use techniques because of their meaning rather than their competence. This form of pure art is a form favourite of mine because it uses art to not only entertain or even just to share an idea or a thought with the audience but it allows the creator to think outside the box themselves.

The arts are an even better barometer of what is happening in our world than the stock market or the debates in congress.

Hendrik Willem Van Loon



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